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Understanding Urine Damage And Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Damion on August 8, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Carpet Cleaning Brandon Fl

Understanding Urine Damage

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your Carpet ,  floors and fabrics. Pet odor can also

create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a carpet or

fabric, it has a pH of 5 or 6, which is on the acid side of the pH scale.

It is easier to remove at this point, when it is fresh. Once it dries it becomes alkaline, reaching a

pH of 10 to 12. At this point it is more difficult to remove. The warm acid state of the urine offers

a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to grow immediately.

Carpet cleaning Brandon Fl

Two Problems

1. Stain

In the original acid state, the urine begins to oxidize and react with the carpet to create a color

change, also known as urine stain. As time passes, the pet stain will become increasingly more

difficult to remove, depending upon the carpet. The dye structure of the carpet may sustain

permanent damage. Bear in mind that over-the-counter products (i.e. Resolve, Oxyclean, etc.)

may set the stain.We recommend none of these.

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1. Odor

The primary source of odor associated with urine comes from bacteria that grow abundantly in

dark and warm places with a never ending food source. This bacteria growth and breakdown

of the urine creates amino acids. These complex organic compounds will often work deep into

the fibers until they actually become part of the fibers. At this point the odors are very difficult

to remove. The waste materials and gases from the decomposing urine create an unpleasant

odor. When dried urine is re-moistened it gives off an ammonia gas which is extremely

unpleasant. Urine odor, if it has become dormant, will sometimes "come alive" on days of high

humidity. The salts and crystals that are left behind as the urine dries are hydrophilic and draw

water to them. Dried urine "comes alive" during humid months because the salts are attracting

moisture, and when the moisture evaporates the ammonia gas is released to the air. This is why

cleaning existing urine stains may not completely remove any associated odor. In fact, it could

increase the odor in the environment temporarily.

Do-It-Yourself Pet Urine Removal

The best household tool that we have found for removing pet urine from carpets is Bissell's


1.) Fresh Urine Removal

Getting pet urine out of the carpet while it is still fresh will raise the possibility of 100% removal.

Vacuum (extract) as much urine as possible from the carpet with the SpotBot. Then apply 50/

50 mixture of white vinegar & water and a small spot of detergent and allow it to dwell a few

minutes. Then spray some water over the area with the SpotBot and do a final extraction. Try

not to rub or scrub the carpet as this may distort the face fibers.

2.) Old (After 24 Hours) Urine Removal

Removing an old urine deposit is a bit more difficult. Rinse the carpet with warm water from the

SpotBot and then extract. At this point you can mix 1 part white distilled vinegar with two parts

water and apply it to the affected area. Allow the mixture to dwell a few minutes. Rinse the spot

with warm water and then extract. Bear in mind that the vinegar mixture will only work on old

urine deposits. The vinegar works best on deposits which are more than 24 hours old.

Which Cleaners Work Best for Urine?

Enzymes are the best cleaning agent for urine, vomit or feces. An enzyme is the only cleaning

agent that actually eats up bad bacteria. For the best results use an enzyme spotter after you

have rinsed the carpet, especially if the spot is not a fresh one.

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Products to Avoid

Do not use any over the counter products with high pH such as ammonia, Resolve or Oxyclean.

Our experience is that these products may set the stain.

These products will also leave the carpet with a residue in a high pH state. The carpet will then

attract dirt like a magnet. Call  Brandon Fl Carpet Cleaning experts at DIRTMASTER if you do not know what to use.

Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal

These are the steps that we take for 100% removal of urine odor. In taking these steps we

remove all the alkaline salt deposits left in the carpet.

1. Pull up carpet

2. Remove affected carpet pad

3. Seal sub-floor with an odor barrier

4. Clean carpet with odor and stain remover (front and back)

5. Install new tack strip

6. Install new pad

7. Reinstall carpet

8. Topically apply enzyme

Disclaimer: Use these techniques at your own risk. Always read the directions on


BEFORE USING. If the stain or odor persists, call DIRTMASTER .813-667-DIRT (3478)

Carpet Cleaning  Brandon Fl


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