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The principal of carpet cleaning

Posted by Damion on February 28, 2011 at 10:46 PM

The objective of carpet cleaning is removing soil. Cleaning can be accomplished by several methods , but  regardless of the method chosen, These principles must be followed to achieve the best results.

 Dry soil removal or vacuuming

 Soil suspension-Soils that were not removed during the dry soil removal step are suspended to the fibers. This is accomplished through the fundamentals known as the cleaning pie or TACT and is the best way to get your carpet cleaned.

Time- Soil that has accumulated over months or years cannot be suspended in a matter of seconds. We pre-spray your carpet with a acid or akaline detergent depending on the type of soils. This pre-conditioner must dwell in the carpet for a period of time to be most effective . But it is very important not to let the pre-conditioner dry.

 Agitiation -provides a uniform distribution of the pre-conditioner detergernt into the carpet  fibers. This can be manually brushed or mechanicly and also helps lift the matted carpet fibers.

Chemicals-These detergents , builders or selected solvents must be used to suspend, emulsify or sapoify the various soils. Detergents used on stain resistant carpets must be anionic or nonionic with a ph not to exceed 10.

Tempature-Increasing tempature reduces the surface tension of the water , while it accelerates most chemical reactions ,thereby causing the carpet cleaning agents to fuction more efficiently

Finally soil extraction - Once the soil has been suspended they must be physically removed from the carpet . We do this with a powerful truck mounted machine at a tempature of 230 degrees and a high water pressure of 400 psi adding a carpet rinsing agent to remove all of the residue and lower th ph level back to it's original state.

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Reply Carpet Truck Mount rockey ridge, UT
10:22 PM on July 25, 2012 
There are indeed many carpet cleaning methods used by a wide spectrum of carpet cleaners. The dry cleaning methods employ dry foam, powdered chemicals, carbonation, buffing or shampooing, and leaves the carpet relatively dry. This helps to avoid the problems usually associated with deep cleaning by hot water extraction, which if not done properly, can leave the carpet so wet, that it smells bad and enhances the growth and development of mold. Carpet manufacturers however, hardly ever recommend these dry cleaning methods. They recommend cleaning by hot water extraction from a truck mounted machine, in order to meet their warranty requirements. With modern equipment and enhanced procedures, the carpet can be fully dry relatively quickly, after hot water extraction. This method is superior to any other currently being used.
Reply Carpet Cleaners Cottonwood Heights, UT
11:51 PM on August 1, 2012 
One of the biggest advantages of a professional carpet cleaning service is that they will bring all the necessary products and equipments required for the process. Also, these equipments will be much better than regular 'for hire' equipments that are used to clean carpets by yourself. The strength and power of the cleaning equipments will enable better cleaning of the rugs and carpets which cannot be obtained by regular methods. When you hire a professional service, the vacuum cleaner that will be used for cleaning will be much more powerful than the ordinary cleaners making the process much faster and better.