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DIRTMASTER  Cleaning is dedicated to providing your with the most reliable and dependable foreclosure facility cleaning service along with outstanding customer, accounting support and affordable prices.



Welcome to Dirtmaster Foreclosure cleaning And Maintenance Services - Serving The Entire Tampa /Brandon Fl and Surrounding Areas

Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning  Services is a cleaning and property management company operating in the Tampa /Brandon Fl. We work hand-in-hand with realtors, mortgage companies, REO divisions of banks, investors and landlords. Our cleanup crew works hard to get homes back in shape and ready for the market to be sold.

Offering the following interior and exterior cleaning service:

  • Junk & Debris Clearing
  • Property Cleaning, Including Carpet, Ovens, Bathrooms, Windows, Baseboards, etc.
  • Lawn Mowing, Including Hedge & Tree Trimming, and Debris Clearing. Ask About Our Lawn Maintenance Programs
  • General Repairs, Including Broken window replacement Door Repair and Sheetrock Repair
  • Interior And Exterior Painting, Gutter Cleaning And Pressure Washing
  • Boarding up windows and glass doors
  • Door Lock Change
  • Post Construction CleanUp Services
  • Residential and Carpet Cleaning Service 
  • Complimentary Before And After Photos

Dirtmaster  Foreclosure Cleaning service enjoys working with real estate professionals who value aligning themselves with an entity held to the same ethical code required of them. We look forward to earning your business and keeping you as a client for years to come.

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We will work with you around your budget and schedule and will deliver the project  ON TIME!

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Below are few reasons why you should choose Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning services for your next Foreclosure Cleaning project in Tampa /Brandon Fl

Hauling and Moving Services
Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning will remove all junk from the foreclosed house including but not limited to stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, mattresses, all furniture, closing, cabinets and etc

Window Cleaning Services
Dirtmaster Foreclosre Cleaning professional window cleaning team will clean your windows throughout from inside and outside

Pressure Washing Service
Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning may use pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from your foreclosed house if needed

General Foreclosure Cleaning Services
Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning will clean your house throughout, in depth living your foreclosed house in white-glove cleaning condition to your full satisfaction

Carpet Cleaning Service
Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning may provide Truckmounted carpet cleaning and disinfecting services upon request.

Fully Insured & Licensed
Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning is fully insured and licensed in the State of Maryland up to the level that allows us to work with Realtors, Banks, City, State and Federal Agencies


FREE Photos

Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning will can take before and after digital photos and email them to you free of charge. Please simply request this service.


FREE Estimates

Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning provide free, no-obligation price quote for all foreclosed facility cleaning services. Click here to request your foreclosure cleaning estimate now.Contact Us

Foreclosure Cleaning Service 

At some point, most people have gone to see a house that was up for sale, but no one has ever really questioned how the house got so sparkling clean. The simple truth is that when a house is vacated, especially when it’s a foreclosure issue, the property is usually left in a less then immaculate condition. This is where Dirtmaster foreclosure cleaning service can become a vital asset to a real estate company, to help bring the potential of a foreclosed property out as much as possible so that a potential buyer can see the possibilities for themselves.

Although some may argue the point of hiring a foreclosure cleaning service, there are several aspects that can well prove this decision to be a very intelligent one. Consider this aspect; while it may seem less expensive to simply have an employee, or even hire a freelance individual to clean the property, there will be several details that are overlooked. The simple truth is that, while these individuals may get the debris cleared away, and even make the property look presentable, there are some small details that are easily overlooked. Believe it or not, it’s the small details that can often make the difference when it comes to selling a property.

Consider this when it comes to Dirtmaster foreclosure cleaning in Tampa Fl the most obvious task is to clean the trash and debris from the property, however, there are other things to consider as well. Sadly, when a property is forclosed the tenants who leave have a tendency to leave the property in less than stellar condition, usually this is their way of venting their frustration over losing the property, but it makes for no less of a problem that has to be taken care of. When you think of some of the types of messes that can be left letting the professionals clean it up makes good economical and aesthetic sense.

Dirtmaster Foreclosure Cleaning can take care of the property cleanup in Tampa Fl, then there will be no need to worry over the small details of cleanliness since you can rely on their professionalism. Given the experience that we offer there is no stain or mess we haven’t seen, or discovered the best way to eliminate. To put it simply; we can help put a new shine on an old property which can help make a great sale.

 DIRTMASTER  Foreclosure Cleaning Service Tampa Brandon Fl