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Carpet Cleaning Brandon Fl


Move in / move out packages

We offer the following package prices to include all cleaning and carpet cleaning to your property bringing back that fresh home feeling:


Move in move out Deep Cleaning specials

4 Rooms Deep House Cleaning with Carpet Cleaning $199.95


Kitchen surface clean $35.00 

Kitchen $75.00 Deep cleaned with appliances

Additional Bathrooms $25.00 -$50.00

Additional garden tub $15.00

Additional Rooms $20.00

Addtional area's $20.00

Additional Carpet Cleaning $20.00 per room                                  

**wood flooring not included and is by estimate only**

Blinds not included



This service includes the following**cleaning cabinets inside and out

Cleaning refridgerator and stove inside and out

Cleaning microwave  

Cleaning counter tops

Cleaning sinks , light fixtures and switches

Ceaning floors , bathrooms , showers , tub , toilets vanity area's and mirrors

Cleaning all baseboards , walls , window sills  and closets

Also everything that is covered in a standard cleaning "refer to Home cleaning page"from top to bottom 



we provide all the proper chemicals for the job

We also provde a all green clean  if desired..By estimate.

Move In/out cleaning Brandon Fl

Move in / Move Out Cleaning
Let DIRTMASTER Move In Out Cleaning Brandon Fl help you make the peaceful transition to your new home.  Our team of trained House cleaning professionals will clean your old apartment or home top-to-bottom to get it ready for inspection, or clean and prepare your new place for you and your family. Available six days a week, daytime and evening ­ Dirtmaster Move in out cleaning Brandon Fl helps make a new start.

Pre-move and Post-move services:
During the weeks before the move our friendly and efficient staff can provide advance help to the entire family. Working closely with adults, children, and teens, we help plan and prepare for the move, ensuring that no clutter will follow you to your new place. We can assist you in getting rid of  unwanted items and hand-me-downs.

Move-out Cleaning Service:
After the removal of all furniture and belongings, Dirtmaster Move in out cleaning Brandon Fl will prepare your apartment for inspection. We provide two levels of Move in out cleaning for your needs:
Basic cleaning service
targets apartments that will be renovated in the future and need to be handed to owners / management in a broom-cleaned condition for a sale-closing or inspection. This service includes dusting and washing of all surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances & cabinets, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, and vacuuming & mopping of all floors.
Deep cleaning service
targets apartments in which the new residents will move in without replacing the appliances or doing major renovations. This service includes cleaning the inside of kitchen cabinets & appliances, thorough cleaning of the bathrooms, and detailed cleaning of fixtures, windowsills, closets and floors.

Move-in Cleaning Services (tailored to customer request):
Throughout the apartment: Dust / wipe / vacuum doors, baseboards and moldings, windowsills & window frames. Vacuum & mop floors. Closets: Dust shelves and lay liners, clean the doors and the floors.  Bathroom cleaning: Including tiles, tubs, sinks, toilets, shower areas & doors, as well as inside medicine cabinets, light fixtures, cabinets & floors. Kitchen: Clean & sanitize insides and outsides of all appliances. Scrub and wash cabinets. Put liners on shelves. Wash and polish all surfaces and clean the floors. Carefully clean all stainless steel, marble, tiles, upholstery, wood, and stone surfaces according to specification.

So call Dirtmaster Move in out cleaning for all you cleaning needs.

813-667-DIRT (3478)